Madame Leftovers! I want to come clean, where hopefully no one else will see. 'twas I who unshared the troll's comment, as I did not want you to get in mod trouble for inciting a pile-on, as I have done the same thing (shared a SUPER DOUCHEY COMMENT hoping others would put that person in his/her place). I know you're… » 4/16/15 11:27pm Thursday 11:27pm

She should definitely go to the Canadian consulate and see if they can give her any advice. I'd also see if there are any legal aid places around. There are many places that specifically help women in abusive situations (and preventing her access to her documents and holding her essentially hostage IS abusive). » 4/16/15 1:50pm Thursday 1:50pm

Telling you what you have to BE???? Like your identity is a costume that you can take off and replace with another one???? I'm so angry for you and so sorry you went through that. That is NOT someone being a friend to you. » 4/14/15 2:09pm Tuesday 2:09pm