Ridley, this is fantastic. Another point that I try to consider: if you can, avoid giving the problematic people money. I've been an "ironic" consumer of 19 Kids, but some fantastic posts here and on GT have made me rethink. Of course, some of the ways I avoid contributing financially or to the observable viewership… » 11/23/14 6:26pm Yesterday 6:26pm

Pfffft so do I (although I need the PERSON first.... otherwise I'll be getting married to myself like a sad person and everyone will feel really awkward and I'll have my first dance with myself before toasting to me, and how much I love me, and no one can make me happy like I can). » 11/23/14 5:49pm Yesterday 5:49pm

I'd tell, but I have a HORRIBLE guilty conscience. I'd probably make a second facebook account (I'd use my first name and last initial, but I wouldn't want her having my actual FB incase she's crazy and thinks I'm some kind of whore and wants to tell everyone). Eeep! The only guy I've fucked who wasn't supposed to… » 11/21/14 1:29am Friday 1:29am

NOT THE POINT OF THE STORY but for what it's worth, I'm suuuuuper extroverted, I love being sociable, and I have gone around a block pretending to go a different way to avoid riding the train with coworkers. Even the ones I really like. Because in the morning or at the end of a long ass day, UGH LEAVE ME THE FUCK… » 11/20/14 1:10am Thursday 1:10am

I'm so unbelievably sorry. This is so hard for you. In my role as an attorney fighting for custody for a client, I was told to paint her roommate (who had been accused of statutory rape) as someone who was "duped" by a "mature" 14 year old (I refused, and since I was a clinic student at the time, it was easier). » 11/20/14 12:33am Thursday 12:33am