HER REASON IS THE VERY LAST REASON THIS IS NOT OKAY. I don't think many truckers would suddenly swerve into a car at the sight of boobs. I DO think that a person acting like a fucking petulant child because his partner doesn't want to expose herself in public to an unwitting person is SO NOT OKAY ON ANY LEVEL. » 9/30/14 12:46pm Today 12:46pm

I feel like I need to know how this ends before I can really name it. It's at the VERY LEAST a Lifetime movie. In the Lifetime movie though, she's trying to become you. She'll come downstairs tomorrow with her hair done EXACTLY THE SAME as yours, and she'll start calling your husband "sweetie." » 9/30/14 12:43pm Today 12:43pm

Because fashion shows are awesome and glamorous experiences for people who get to go to them, many of whom aren't rich and/or celebrities but work in fashion, and they don't want to deal with crying screaming babies when loud music comes on? » 9/28/14 6:34pm Sunday 6:34pm

I didn't really realize. It was kind of a gradual thing, which I guess makes a lot of sense for a bisexual. I found a Playboy under my dad's bed when I was young and was... um... REALLY interested. My friends were too, but in more of a "wow will we look like that?" kind of way. I kinda just didn't... consider it for a… » 9/28/14 6:29pm Sunday 6:29pm