A few words about that new pit of GT hate, GOMI

A few days ago, a fellow GTer sent me a link about a website that was talking about me, under the guise of “being concerned.” It was Get Off My Internets, a site that thrives on hating other websites. Little of the vitriol on the site was directed at me, but the bit that was was disturbing.

Some people were upset that my boyfriend comments on my pieces. Please, by all means, make fun of us for that. It does nothing to me. Some were upset that I post whenever someone says something mean about the Patriots. Why yes! I am overly sensitive about sports and should do something about that. But right now, I’m not in the mood. I’ll keep overly emotionally investing in my team. Have fun being overly emotionally invested in my emotional investment in my team.

One place got worrisome. Someone referenced an incident a few months ago that they could only have known about if they were the troll in question.

My rapist contacted me on OKCupid. I was slightly buzzed. This sent me reeling. I (VERY STUPIDLY. I DO NOT PASS OFF OWNERSHIP OF MY STUPIDITY HERE) posted his OKC username on GT. Ostensibly, I didn’t want any of my fellow DC GTers to respond to him. That was my actual thought process at the time. I’m sure some dark corner of me also wanted to shame him, but I don’t even feel guilty about that. I feel stupid about my naiveté in the act of posting his name.


Less than six hours later, I was contacted by the mods, telling me to take down the post or they would, since doxxing ANYONE is against the GT rules. Of course I understood. When you’re not in the middle of an anxiety attack, logic wins. Perhaps I should put some kind of anxiety attack lock on my computer. I don’t know.

Two days later, I got a greyed response to a comment I’d made on another GM blog, telling me that they had gone through my kinja, gathered all my stories about my rapist, and sent them to the OKC name on my (now deleted) post. I dismissed this comment less than three minutes after it posted.


Three days ago, someone on Get Off My Internets recounted the story. This means one of two things 1) they follow me obsessively or more likely 2) they are the person who did that.

I’m super fortunate. I don’t think my rapist ever thought of himself in that context, and until a troll sent him my stories, he kept trying to contact me. So thanks troll, you stopped my rapist harassing me. But seriously, he could have been much more unstable and violent. He could have sought to confront me which, oh hey, is why I didn’t go to the police in the first place.


This isn’t snarky bitchery. This is dangerous for victims.